First I have to say that I absolutely love this picture of him because everything he stood for always ended with be loving to others and yourself, and here, for me, he is certainly showing his true self by saying I love who I am and if your afraid of it then tough shit. Anyhow, the reason why I put him on here is because he changed the rap game and he changed overtime as a person. He is the Malcolm X of rap. Just bear with me for a bit… when he started out it was all about how angry he was at society and he represented that by throwing down some ill beats and pushing the “Thug Life” and representing the “West Side” in white peoples faces, and rightfully so. However, as time went by, he backed off a bit and started really digging into how we treat each other by giving some really picturesque lyrics about those struggles. He became the face of the American black community, not just on the West Side, by captivating his audience through talking about the everyday struggles we go through that nobody wanted to talk about. He was a lyrical genius and he had a heart of gold. If you believe he did die I would say like many great people he died way too soon, but if you think he is still alive I would say that he was most certainly tapping into something that threatened White Patriarchy and that is probably why he is in hiding. Danger surrounds the truth and he told too much of it. The two videos I’m going to show are, of course, “California Love” because of how iconic and awesome it is, and “Changes” because you get to really see how lyrically gifted he is. And as always enjoy…


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