Sebastian Stan

Don’t worry I’ll invite you to our wedding! I’m like low-key serious about that. So I know you’re wondering “Hey!? Why is this guy on the list other than the fact that she’s in love with him? That’s not fair!” Well fret no more there are a few reasons why I put him on this list. One, in case you didn’t know he is actually the first internationally recognized Romanian actor. Yeah wow. From the land of gypsies and vampires to the “Big Apple” he has seriously made a name for himself and has represented his country very well. Two, he is a classically trained pianist. He developed this skill from his mother who, I guess still, is a world renowned pianist? Well together they traveled to places like Vienna and Austria so she could preform and of course along the way she made sure that he would retain that skill as a way to think of her. Aww! Number three, he didn’t get a break until he was about late 20’s to 30 in the hit television series, wait for it… “Gossip Girl” as Carter Brazen, or Chucks arch enemy in seasons one and two. Of course now we all know him as “The Winter Soldier” in the “Avengers” series which has been his ultimate break-out role despite being casted with big celebrities in previous projects. Fourth, he loves Astronomy a lot. He even was in the movie “The Martian” for like two minuets even though he was a lead astronaut which is total B.S. And because of his undying love for astronomy, people took recognition of this. And because he is so nice the people at NASA only invited him, out of the whole cast, to take a complete tour of the NASA cite in Houston. Like the really nice tour that only important rich people can go through. And lastly, he is becoming more and more of an advocate/ idol for the gay community. Oddly enough he is not gay, but let’s be honest he might swing both ways. Because I mean in the acting world if they cast you for certain parts over and over it’s because they think you have a stronger connection to these kinds of characters as they relate back to yourself. Hmm… anyway the majority of his typecasting revolves around either him being the misunderstood bad boy, a psycho, and or gay. Even though he is sill climbing his way to the top, he has been acting in movies left and right and I think he will become a household name in about three years. With his ambitious tenacity to play gay characters and his love for humans, yes ladies he is a feminist, I think we will see him breaking down barriers in no-time. Now the amazing clips that I am showing you are him as the suicidal, gay, outcast, addict T.J. Hammond from the T.V. show, that use to be on Netflix which I’m mad about, “Political Animals” and as the character the “Mad Hatter” or Jefferson in the hit T.V. show, that he was only on for one season which is garbage, “Once Upon A Time”, and because I love him so much, I give to you the infamous locker room scene from the movie “The Covenant”, in which I am blessing you with. Please feel free to watch these more than twice! Enjoy!


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