Priyanka Chopra

This stunningly gorgeous woman is Priyanka Chopra a Bollywood actress who has been recently getting her claim to fame here in America one shampoo add at a time. Ha! However, nobody in this country has really taken the time to know more about her all they know is that she is “That pretty Indian lady on the Pantene commercial.” Well what most people do not know is that she is incredibly smart. She actually wanted to become and aeronautical engineer, or somebody who built spacecraft that could sustain journeys to and from Earth. Instead she became, as you know from the description, a dancer, singer, actor, film producer, model and philanthropist. Whew, almost didn’t get through that one. Anyway she has a full workload that keeps her on her toes all the time I believe that because of this America has taken notice of her as an artist. For me she is on this list because I think she is going to change things in this country, because for the first time we are finally recognizing Asian people, in this case Indian’s, as a part of the beauty scene and as artists. Even though we are only in the beginning stages, I think she is someone we need to start looking out for because this girl is going to changing up our view and get us talking more about the beauty of Asia. The two videos before you are “Aitraaz”, a movie about a guy who moves up in his company and at some point he has a lawsuit filed against him due to domestic abuse and all the while he is being blackmailed. Chopra in this movie is the beauty he is chasing after in a way that is causing numerous problems for both of their reputations in their community. The second movie is called “7 Khoon Maaf” which is about a woman who gets married 7 times and we see her go through each one and watch as she becomes more and more insane. Anyways enjoy!


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