Meryl Streep

Do I really need to say anything here? I mean other than that it would be a sin if I didn’t put her on this list. She is hands down the greatest female actor alive, but let’s be honest Viola Davis is on that level with her except Meryl has more experience then she does and that’s about it. Anyway the main reason why I put her on here is because I think she is one of the few who took their fame and crafted it in such a way that she has been able to be a voice for all women. She got onto the same level as all the men and she decided that she would not let them minimize her character. Also, as an aspiring actor, watching her preform is absolutely breath-taking and I feel as though I learn something new about how she approaches her craft every time I watch a movie that she is in. Also, my husband, he doesn’t know it yet but it’s whatev’s, starred with her in the movie “Ricki and the Flash” so automatically she went from being “the best actor I have ever scene” to “I want to embody her and her soul”. I could go on and on about her breakthroughs in realism in acting, making the character more real and relate-able, all the way to the way she manipulates her body to fill silence in a scene. She is remarkable. And you can really see how remarkable she is in the two videos below, the first one is the choice from “Sophie’s Choice” and the fall scene from “Death Becomes Her”. Enjoy!


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