Angelina Jolie

As one of America’s most recognized faces, Angelina Jolie proved to many that she can certainly be more than just a pretty face. From the Middle East to the UN, Jolie donates her time to understanding crises and utilizing her image and resources to make things better for those who are voiceless. See I was born in the 90’s and from what I experienced growing up, to my generation and I, she was the first female celebrity that really took control of what activism looks like. She became a female role-model that told young girls that being pretty isn’t everything, but that being kind and selfless is. Although I do have to admit that when I saw her in tomb raider I was getting all types of feelings. With that in mind, she was also my first bisexual role-model  which may not seem all that impressive to some, but it means the world to me because she validated that what I and so many are feeling is real; and this is what that looks like. Bellow I have two clips, one is a fan-made compilation of her relationship with Linda in the movie “Gia”, and a clip of her talking about refugees and what we can do to help. She is so under-rated as far as being an actor and activist, because of peoples obsession with her body. To me it seems as though not enough people are really looking at her and what she is doing. Her drug problem and eating disorder seem to be catching hold of her life, but I think that is because nobody sees her for her and that’s eating her alive. Hope you enjoy these videos of Angelina Jolie and her awesomeness!


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