Charlie Chaplin

I had to start this blog with probably my favorite person Charlie Chaplin. He is best known for his short comedic skits, his attire, and that little mustache. What a lot of people do not know, however, is how progressive he was and how complex some of his art is, with and without sound. In his 1920 movie “The Kid”, he plays a tramp who witnesses a child being dumped in a trash can and saves him. They go through quite the comedy-packed adventure until the child’s real mother, a famous opera singer, sends the police to take him away. It is in this moment that Charlie gives the audience more than a comedy skit, he instead shows us the pain and grief in being torn away from a loved one. If it wasn’t for this moment, the film and its message would not be taken as seriously. We see something similar 20 years later in his 1940 talkie-film “The Great Dictator”. In this one he plays a very “Hitler-like” dictator that rules as he pleases, but it is in his final speech that he, the dictator, decides to change his ways. Cue “Man in the Mirror”. This became what is known as “The Great Dictator Speech”. This has been dubbed as the best speech of all time, however, in his time, his idea was mocked by other director and they began labeling him as”Dangerously Liberal.” Nobody funded him so he reached into his pockets and payed for the creation of the film all the way to paying the theaters to play his film. He was truly ahead of his time, because now more then ever, this speech applies to what is happening in our world today. So, without further ado, here are the scenes mentioned from “The Kid” and “The Great Dictator”. Enjoy!


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  1. robertfern49 says:

    I believe that the Great Dictator speech at the end is the barber’s speech, as he was mistaken to be the dictator. But I agree with you. Chaplin was ahead of his time and I love the two movies you’ve highlighted.


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